04 July, 2010

Margaret Clark

Margaret Clark was an Australian painter and illustrator who was born in 1901. She grew up in Sydney and attended Julian Ashton Art School for a short period.
In 1918 she was commissioned to paint pictures of fairies to decorate confectionery boxes for the firm of Sweetacres.
Margaret Clark had a short but successful career as an artist. She exhibited five fairy paintings with the Sydney Society of Women Painters in 1924 and held a solo exhibition at the Sydney Art Salon in 1926.

The painting shown here is from the 1924 or 1926 exhibition. Margaret Clark's work is influenced by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, but nevertheless is well executed and skillfully painted. Despite her exhibitions of work being highly successful for such a young artist, her output after this was minimal.
After her marriage in 1929, she disappeared from the public art scene.
Some of her existing work is apparently now in the possession of the State Library of NSW.


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