30 October, 2010

In praise of dragons

Dragons have tended to receive bad press over the centuries.

I'd like to concentrate on their good points. Despite somewhat fiery temperaments, dragons are relatively peaceful and generally keep a low profile, going about their work guarding their treasures. Their aggression only rises when confronted with a threat.

But isn't this what you would expect from a loyal dragon doing his job?

I'm sure the working conditions are less than ideal.  And what does a dragon receive for his stoic efforts in battling his enemies and protecting his treasure, be it money or maidens?

These days, I think small dragons could make good house pets.  They would be fairly low maintenance, although toenails would need clipping regularly, could light the barbecue on command, and be a great watch dragon for the whole neighbourhood.

Artists and illustrators have always been inspired by the myths and legends surrounding dragons.

Dragon from Korea, artist unknown
Netsuke with tiger and dragon, artist unknown
St George and the Dragon, artist Paolo Uccello
Another St George and the Dragon, artist Deborah Niland
Chinese dragon, artist Libico Maraja
Dragon Boats, artist Libico Maraja


Lee said...

Hi Deborah, I love the artwork. I found your blog while doing research on your parents. I think I may have something akin with dragons because I'm sure a niece of mine thinks I'm one!!! She's a little misguided!

Over the Christmas period I read "The Harp in the South" (and have no idea why I've not read it before this...I loved it). I followed with "Fishing in the Styx" which I finished only moments ago. I also thoroughly enjoyed it

Please accept my condolences upon the loss of your mother. What an amazing lady!

I know I'm going to have to read "The Shiralee" again now...and again shed tears as I've done before...both when reading the book and from viewing the movie and the mini-series.

But before I do that, I think I'm going to have to set aside some time to read your blog and view the magnificent artwork therein.

Deborah Niland said...

Thanks Lee, for writing. It has been a hectic time for all of us. I've been working on a website for my mother so please check it out if you have some time. I'll add more information when I can. The address is-
I'll be talking more about illustration and art on my blog in 2011.
Happy New Year!