12 February, 2011

The Bandicoot

The sweet bandicoot is a small Australian marsupial whose varieties are unfortunately in decline. They have fallen prey to domestic cats, foxes and dogs. Once they were commonly found in suburban gardens foraging for slugs, worms, snails and other pests. They have been known to add a little meat to their diets when in captivity.

The Long-nosed Bandicoot is found in Eastern Australia and this is the type I chose to illustrate in a light-hearted way for my book The Drover's Dream, published in 1979.

Illustration Deborah Niland:  The Drover's Dream  (Collins 1979)

These days the bandicoot is a protected species. Let's hope the numbers will increase, especially the particular varieties that are endangered.

Illustration Deborah Niland:  The Drover's Dream (Collins 1979)


Jofeath said...

Hi Deborah, just wondering if there is any way I could possibly get a copy of your book The Drover's Dream please? My children and I loved reading and singing it in the 1980s/ 90s and I would love to have it for my grandchildren but sadly I no longer have our well- worn copy. So far I haven't found a used one online, except maybe in the US.
Cheers Jo

Deborah Niland said...

Hi Jo, Thank you for your kind comments. I've had a look at my stash of books in case I had a spare copy to send you, but no, I have very few left after all this time. I'll be keeping the remaining copies for my grandchildren.
I'm sorry I can't be of more help to you.
All best wishes to you. Deborah