30 April, 2013

Mulga Bill's Bicycle...Part 3

I have been looking through my old sketchbooks and came across this drawing.  It's a study for one of the illustrations my sister and I completed for our picture book Mulga Bill's Bicycle.

In those days I did a lot of sketching with a nib pen and ink or ink wash. The result is a freer expression and a way to capture the essence of a situation or character without a lot of detail.

Preliminary sketch 1972 - Mulga Bill's Bicycle -Deborah Niland
Using this sketch as a base, the following illustration was finished using a fine pen and watercolour.

Published illustration 1973 - Mulga Bill's Bicycle - Kilmeny and Deborah Niland


Lee said...

You could make money from these sketches, Deborah.

Years ago, in the early Nineties when I was living on and running the small resort on Newry Island (it no longer exists), my first guests were a husband and wife...a lovely couple...who owned and operated an auction house in Sydney...specialising in manuscripts, scripts, etc., etc., et al.

For one example, they had all the research jottings/papers/journals that Peter Carey did about glass making when he was writing "Oscar and Lucinda".

You may not want to part with these wonderful sketches...but they're always worth money to you if or when a time comes that you need to boost the coffers...just a thought.

Please don't take offence, Deborah, as I don't intend my comment to be offensive.

Deborah Niland said...

Thanks for your comment Lee. I'm still deciding where all my sketches will end up. I know I'll have to make a decision about it one day.
Running a small resort sounds fascinating. What an adventure!