21 May, 2013

Mulga Bill's Bicycle...Part 4

Here are some more activities to celebrate my long-living Mulga Bill's Bicycle picture book.
Please click on each image to print out the size you require.

One maze is a little more challenging than the other.

Have fun!


Lee said...

Well, this will give me something to do later! ;)

If I get lost...send out a search party!

Lee said...

Hi again, Deborah...to let you know...I've just ordered "Mulga Bill's Bicyle".

It's intended to be part of my great-nephew's Christmas presents (I like to start putting gifts together rather than leaving it to the last minute).

And I like to give the kiddies, he and his sister, a few presents; and books play a huge part in their gifts.

So...thank you. :)

Federation Fairies said...

I am amazed at the diversity of your talent. I am really enjoying your blogs.