21 January, 2016

Hans de Beer

Hans de Beer is a favourite artist of mine.  He has written and illustrated many books for children.
His very well known ones feature Lars the little Polar bear and his adventures.

I have other books that are beautifully illustrated by him.  He has a muted approach with watercolour and delicate inkwork in his art work. His animal characters always show great empathy without going overboard in the facial expressions.

Ollie the Elephant
Little Polar Bear
Illustration Hans de Beer
Ahoy There Little Polar Bear
Prince Valentino

 All his works are worth looking at for his fine drawing and reading for the amusing and heartwarming stories written by Hans de Beer and other authors.


Lee said...

Oh, to be a child again (or, to be thankful for being capable of retaining some childish pleasures. I'm still going through my first childhood...and I've still my second to enjoy when I outgrow this one)!

How beautiful his paintings are!

Iriz said...

Cute! He has a gift which brings us back to those younger years. Beautiful, I agree. :)