17 September, 2016

Hippopotamus on a T-Shirt

Still on the Hippopotamus theme, I've designed some items which are now in my shop online at Redbubble

These designs are based on the children's classic, There's a Hippopotamus on our Roof eating Cake. Story by Hazel Edwards and illustrations by me.
I have enjoyed designing in a new format and Redbubble has been a great site where I can display my works. It's been a lot of fun!

Here is a peek at some of the hippo inspired works. There are prints, posters, cards, notebooks and t-shirts, available in most sizes and colours, from newborn onwards. The design can be printed front or back. There are many other designs at my shop, but hippos are a favourite!

Hippo T-Shirt

Hippo T-Shirt

Hippo Hoodie from the back
Hippo Notebook

Hippo Poster


Lee said...

They are so cute.

I have hippos on my roof here at night; some would argue they are possums, but I know better! :)

Deborah Niland said...

Yes, hippos can move with great stealth. You never know when you'll spot one lazing about on a roof top!